Point Perpendicular

A nice little compilation by Sam.

His notes:

Went down to Point Perpendicular with UNSWOC for a climbing trip. Sea cliffs are epic! The climb names are very nautical and pirate-themed as you would expect, hence the choice of music.

We hadn’t been to the area before, we spent a lot of time looking for the areas and climbs. No-one led anything because the exposure is big and the spookiness high…though you still have interesting falls on a 30m dynamic toprope.

Didn’t put that much effort into filming, tried to cut out the worst of the shaky cam and boring stuff in the edit. Some was done with a monopod but it’s still pretty shaky.

Filmed by Sam May and James Bultitude

Point Perpendicular from Sam May on Vimeo.


One thought on “Point Perpendicular

  1. I really enjoyed the video and didn’t find the camera shake annoying at all. It would be good to see the grade of the climbs as well as the name. Good work

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