Freshwater Beach

A morning out climbing on the Sydney sea cliffs. Although never far away from the urban sprawl, these tottering piles of sand are guaranteed to provide an adventure, or at least fear.

When the holds stay on though, the climbing’s great!

Freshy is an obscure crag whose main claim to fame is that it isn’t North Head. Between dodging broken glass and furniture tossed off the top of the cliff (stay classy Manly!) we managed to toprope a line to the right of “Gawkers” that James calls “I Like To Ride My Bicycle”, and a cool arete as a direct start to “Damocles”. – Sam

“I like to ride my bicycle” was one of the first lines i ever toproped outdoors. Its a huge toprope, which require wading through a sea of prickly bushes to setup and a second rope or LOTS of tape for rigging. Its chossy, dirty, vegetated and not that hard, but the view is pectacular and ill always love it. – James


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