Setbacks, Slush and Broken Snowshoes

I guess you could call last winters backcountry trip a failure. We didn’t make it to our destination. But i can’t think of it that way. We learnt heaps and had the most fun ive had on any trip.

Last winter a group of us headed out towards blue lake. We encountered terrible snow conditions and a bit of broken gear (one Marker AT binding and a TWO snowshoes of different makes). This film is a long edit of what footage we had from the trip, made difficult by an inability to keep the GoPro’s batteries warm enough. It was played at UNSWOC BBQ in the past and is finally online. It’s a litle long for some, but some of the best moments are at the end, so if you wanna get to the out of bounds Skiing skip to the last half.

Some ‘bloopers’ round it out. Watch it in 720p if you have the bandwidth.

Featuring Original Music From as well as some classic rock.


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