Oh Yeah The Weather

(Edit: This was the only post I dispatched while on the road, and you can tell. Check out the rest of the posts in the ‘Sam In Europe’ category, for stuff I actually edited!)

Arrived in Zurich, and within about 24 hours we’d caught the train to Zielgelbrucke, and hence to Nafels, and hiked up to Obersee (a lake) to watch storms break over Rautispitz and … Brunnelistoch? So we bailed and hitchiked down in the rain, and went clubbing in Zurich, after celebrating 4th of July in the Culmanstrasse house. Alex’s sharehouse seems to have an endless supply of ridiculously good-looking and intelligent people. Freaking Europeans.

Still haven’t seen much to make me really exited. No photos except for Zurich city so far but I promise to take out the camera next time.

The constant German is starting to freak me out. What kind of a society has half a litre of beer for $1.50 and free water fountains but you have to pay to go to the toilet!?

But yeah it turns out there is constant fronts and low pressure systems coming in for the forecastable future making for unstable weather. It appears alpine climbing is out, so the Bernese Oberland is postponed to head south to Ticino for bouldering, canyoning, cheap pizza in Como and the Italian side of the Alps. Leaving Zurich at 7pm tomorrow, a good thing as I am sick of the place already.


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