Killing Hut Boredom

10. Fly/Walk out before the weather gets bad in the first place. OK so I guess this is cheating, but when the guides and everyone else bails, it might be time for you to bail as well.

9. Read a Book. Most huts have a variety of terrible and excellent books in them, many old, most mouldy.


8. Play some games you find in the hut. Card games are especially good if they have a demeaning title for participants that aren’t winning, and have a persistent nature so there is no reason to ever stop playing. Chess/checkers sets are pretty easy to dodgy up out of paper, and nuts and cams make great chips for games of poker.

7. Mess the hut up, do the dishes, clean the hut completely. Repeat.

6. Learn some new knots. Practice prussiking, glacier rescue or anything like that. Once you’re done with useful knots move onto the hangman’s noose and similar.

5. Drink. Preferably alcohol. If not that Tea. If not that Raro.

Alex makes some tea.

4. Tell jokes. Terrible jokes, good jokes, long jokes. Works well when everyone is in a sleeping bag so you can’t be punched for really bad ones.

3. Update your journal. With notes on the trip, exact details of how long things took, e.t.c. If you don’t have a book with you, the back of a map can work really well.

2. Take photos. When you get really bored, take nude photos.

The weather cleared one arvo and out we ran to take this photo!
The weather cleared one arvo and out we ran to take this photo!

1. Boulder the hut. With your hands, with your tools, make weird eliminates. The best thing about hut bouldering is the supply of ready crash mats. Pioneer hut has a series of small blocks of wood nailed in as holds under the bunks, which makes for a surprisingly difficult problem. I’ve even heard of bored climbers hanging sling from the roof to dry tool between or aid climbing cracks in the rafters! Just be sure whatever you do doesn’t damage the hut. If that fails, you can always top rope the choss the hut is built on.

Mike tries out the hut bouldering
Choss top roping not recommended.
Choss top roping not recommended.

If all else fails!

Some Kiwi Skier :P
Some Kiwi Skier 😛

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