Leatherbarrel Creek

The weather finally cleared for me on Sunday, a perfect bluebird day, and I managed the first bigger tour of the season.

It started of course with the friday night shuffle on the Monaro Highway.

highway at night

The plan was for me and Joe to start from Dead Horse Gap bright and early, but a wee sleep-in saw us paying for Kosciusko Express single rides at 8:30am.

view from the top

I had a photo of the Corrie from Ozbc.net and really wanted to ski it, but it was a horrible mess of rime ice and frozen sastrugi, nearly unskiable.

ice in the corrie

We did two runs down the Spur instead, the top was still icy and bad but everything below the treeline was fantastic!

ramshead cragsIt got better the lower we got. This photo’s going straight to the pool room.

me skiing

This one ain’t bad either.

joe skiing

They were some very hard earned turns though.

There were two or three other parties out and about, and a few skin tracks around to follow. We were impressed with the fitness of everyone who made it over to the Twin Humps, although the top looked very icy (we could hear the scraping from the other side of the valley!). Joe was not as fit as he has been, but I needed a few minutes to tighten my wonky binding toepiece at every stop, so it evened out pretty well.

standing in the snow the hill joe standing in the snow

I’d told my dad we’d be back in Thredbo by 3pm to drive back to Sydney and we just about kept to schedule, about half an hour late. We were in time for a rainbow sunset on the drive home.


I’ve been out to the top of the Ramshead twice now, and both times the the top of the western faces has been horrifically icy and nearly unskiable. We had to bootpack on the climb out (ski crampons would have been handy). I don’t think I’ll try that way again in winter…I reckon the way to go is the long way around via Cootapatamba, in and out via the head of the valley, or else via the golden gully from DHG.

But a very memorable day!


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