Ten of the Best Whitewater Films Online

The water is receding in Colorado, and rising in Australia. Grab some popcorn and get ready to pine for the season that is winding down, celebrate the seasons about to start, learn some history of the sport and generally just watch some quality whitewater throwdowns.

Duhd Khosi: Canoeing Down Everest (1977)

Nothing will ever compare with the book of this expedition to me, but the film is well worth watching. Team Pyranha drove from the UK to Everest Basecamp, through Afghanistan to complete on of the most audacious kayaking expeditions of all time, and nab a world altitude record and a first D while they were at it.


Buck Fever, Spencer Cooke (1998-2000).

NZ steep creeking in slicey old playboats? How about cartwheels with like 20 ends? Silly costumes off waterfalls. A reminder that kayaking used to be fun and not just hairey.



Enter The Donkey, Spencer Cooke (2006)

This is a buddy of mines favourite kayak film. And I can see why. Spencer Cooke sure makes a fun film.



Night of the Living Donkey, Spencer Cooke (2008)

A sequel to possibly the most fun kayak film of all time? More Spencer Cooke goodness.

Stakeout, Tribe (2010)

Big waves, bigger blunts and more style than you can through a paddle at. In an era of gopros and loops in small features, it’s refershing too look back on playboating funnest features. Waves. Click the Link and save it while it’s still live!



How To Go Surf Kayaking, Spencer Cooke (2010)

In case you can’t tell, I do have a soft spot for Spencer Cooke’s films, and for ssurf kayaking. This is one of my favourites. Gone are the silly skits, and in their place we hear the story of Surf Kayakings birth and development in of all places, the East Coat of the US.


Jaunt, Skippy Films

Finally, a home grown flick showing some of the best boaters from Australia, travelling and boating throughout the world.

Pleasure Strokes, BDP

Notorious, reviled and really not that crazy. The party footage is tacky and sexist, but the boating is wild and it inspired a slogan. CHHHHUUUURRRCCCHHH!


Into Tsangpo Gorge

A National Geo style doco of some serious big water is China. Well worth the watch. Video is after the link!



Bomb Flow/Substantial Media House


Where would this list be without Bomb Flow/Substantial Media House. All of their edits are church, but i’ve included this one because Sam and I agree it’s opening skit is one of the best in any outdoor film ever made.

I won’t spoil it for you, but now you must be soo sick of kayaking.


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