Modern Masculinity

The line may have gone free without any bolts. I tried the insecure start moves again. If I blew the delicate mantle I’d slam into the ledge below, grate over the slab and factor two straight on to the belay. My belayer grumbled quietly as my legs shook. Out came the drill and holding it … More Modern Masculinity

Four Years In

After four years of Climbing and Whitewater Paddling, I hope I’ve learnt a few things. Maybe learning a new sport is what I love more than anything. And they all bleed back into one another. The way I snowboard influences the way I paddle, whether i’m on the river or in the surf. Whitewater Paddling and … More Four Years In

On Dreams and Dreaming

As a multisport athlete, a bracket I’m slowly and regrettably acknowledging, having big dreams is difficult and very important.  As my self-diagnosed ADD bleeds into my love of outdoor sports, I tend to change tack every 4 months and move into a phase of training and working at another sport (even if it doesn’t match … More On Dreams and Dreaming

Chess with Sweat

Prescript I wrote this up a little while ago, but I felt it didn’t really go anywhere. I was talking to Tom the other day and he made me think about it again and maybe some clairty was acheived. Maybe. On Fencing When I was little I played a lot of chess. I enjoyed the … More Chess with Sweat