Jumping & Pumping

You can take riding bikes to a lot of extremes. The saddest of which is pedalling a stationary indoor trainer which is linked to your Strava for hundreds of virtual kilometers (What happened to you Pez, you used to be cool!). At the other end of the spectrum, screwing around in a car park trying to do wheelies for hours is definitely the coolest thing you can do.

Sarcasm aside, it does disappoint me that so many cyclists concentrate on the pedalling bit and don’t seem to have much of an appreciation for the riding bit, at least not enough to regularly practice skills.

The pump track near Mill Creek MTB park is now open, and this guy demonstrates how to ride it. Riding like this is insane, extremely technical and high energy!

It was a while ago now, but we went up to the dirt jumps at LOCATION REDACTED and had a go at the “beginner” lines.

People complain about the lack of MTB trails in Sydney, but there’s skateparks everywhere, plenty of flow to be found when the trails are too far away or too wet.

A new year’s resolution for 2018 – stop braking in corners!


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