Jumping & Pumping

You can take riding bikes to a lot of extremes. The saddest of which is pedalling a stationary indoor trainer which is linked to your Strava for hundreds of virtual kilometers (What happened to you Pez, you used to be cool!). At the other end of the spectrum, screwing around in a car park trying … More Jumping & Pumping

Pole Dancer

In January of 2015, I set out with Micheal, Niels and Bjorn to climb one of the best, most magnificent routes i’ve ever climbed. A bivy the night before, 2 raps, 4 pitches grade 18(5.10a) trad pitches, 24 tim tams and a stack of simul-climbing got us into one of the best (and most sandbagged) … More Pole Dancer

50 Words For Snow

The Eskimo may or may not have 50 words for snow, but there are plenty in English as well. Experienced backcountry travellers seek out the best snow to be found every day, like surfers looking for the best wave every morning, or climbers looking for least chossy rock. Everyone’s heard of powder, but there’s other … More 50 Words For Snow

Whitewater Kayaking Progression: Getting Started in Sydney

Whitewater kayaking is one of the trickier sports to get into in Australia. There is a ton of new gear to use, a bunch of weird language getting thrown around and heaps of hard to learn safety skills. One of the worst parts however is not knowing which rivers are safe for beginners and what … More Whitewater Kayaking Progression: Getting Started in Sydney

The Ice Cream Game

A couple of years ago now, some brave Norwegians exposed members of the UNSW Outdoors Club and myself to a simple ritual they called ‘Ice Cream’. Whether this game was played across the oceans at their previous alma mater, whether it was made up to encourage someone, or if the game was passed to them … More The Ice Cream Game