Pole Dancer

In January of 2015, I set out with Micheal, Niels and Bjorn to climb one of the best, most magnificent routes i’ve ever climbed. A bivy the night before, 2 raps, 4 pitches grade 18(5.10a) trad pitches, 24 tim tams and a stack of simul-climbing got us into one of the best (and most sandbagged) grade 22 (5.11b) sport pitches on the planet, in clearly the best location that could every exist. Right as we made it to the pillar, the rain settled in. Determined, we all summited, struggled back through the reversing of the approach and managed to make it to the pizza place, soaked but just before they closed. It was the second to last day we would spend in Tasmania on our one month trip. What a way to wrap it all up.

This video should have been uploaded a lot earlier, but voice over recording (that went nowhere), school, moving to the US, my computer breaking for 2 months and a whole lot more got in the way. Well, anyways that’ll do hear she is.



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