Iwaenopuri is the peak in the Niseko range next to Annupuri, which is the famous one with the ski resort. It’s one of the first zones to look at for a backcountry skier in Niseko desperate to escape the slackcountry hordes. First Attempt I missed first lift at Niseko Hirafu on day…I lost track of … More Iwaenopuri

Hakuba Preview

Ok so despite cold temperatures in Japan, the alpine snow didn’t quite start falling as early as we were hoping. With only 30cm on the ground at the start of last week, I pulled the plug on the plans for Tateyama. To be fair, it’s looking a lot better as of this morning. Damian was … More Hakuba Preview

Tateyama Preview

So with leave confirmed, flights booked, guiding fees payed, and travel insurance including rescue secured, I thought I’d do an update on my Japan backcountry trip I’m planning. I have a suspicion I might actually be really good at travelling, despite (or because of) being really anxious about it. Like how Britta in Community is … More Tateyama Preview