Life’s too short to let stupid quotes about “life being too short” get you down

Recently people have been throwing about the phrase “Life’s to short to do shitty X” for a few sports. You know what, it’s starting to annoy me, and is actually coming off as really elitist. Elitism: the cancer that is killing your favourite pastime. (Boasting is the nasty flu that’s kinda going around). Life’s too … More Life’s too short to let stupid quotes about “life being too short” get you down

‘Falling Leaf’ – Learning to snowboard

This article was written before the start of winter 2013. It details my start in snowboarding, and will eventually be followed by more posts, describing my progression. The trip described hereafter took place between 2007 and 2012. Through some universal coincidence, Australian Winter Uni Games was somehow the same week as Sam’s and my now fairly annual pilgrimage … More ‘Falling Leaf’ – Learning to snowboard

Four Years In

After four years of Climbing and Whitewater Paddling, I hope I’ve learnt a few things. Maybe learning a new sport is what I love more than anything. And they all bleed back into one another. The way I snowboard influences the way I paddle, whether i’m on the river or in the surf. Whitewater Paddling and … More Four Years In

Should I Huck That?

One of the things I get asked a lot by new paddlers is how to make decisions about what to paddle and what to walk. It’s actually a process I’ve thought a lot about and always try to get better at. My rough process is outlined below. It works well for snowboarding as well and … More Should I Huck That?

On Dreams and Dreaming

As a multisport athlete, a bracket I’m slowly and regrettably acknowledging, having big dreams is difficult and very important.  As my self-diagnosed ADD bleeds into my love of outdoor sports, I tend to change tack every 4 months and move into a phase of training and working at another sport (even if it doesn’t match … More On Dreams and Dreaming

What the Guidebook Really Means: Blue Mountains

Simon Carters guidebook to the blue mounatins really is quite excellent. His photos, topos and grades are fairly good, and you can almost always find the climb your loooking for. After a couple of years of using his guidebook I’ve began to notice a few pieces of “slang” that might need a better explanation, lest you … More What the Guidebook Really Means: Blue Mountains