What the Guidebook Really Means: Blue Mountains

Simon Carters guidebook to the blue mounatins really is quite excellent. His photos, toposĀ and grades are fairly good, and you can almost always find the climb your loooking for. After a couple of years of using his guidebook I’ve began to notice a few pieces of “slang” that might need a better explanation, lest you … More What the Guidebook Really Means: Blue Mountains

Whats in a name?

A good name adds something to a climb. It isn’t just a way we can tell two climbs apart, or figure out what’s what at the crag. I mean there’s something far more engaging about Professor Wigginsworth’s Chunder BucketĀ  compared to some 16 (5.8) at Barrenjoey, which would you rather climb? Here is my (totally … More Whats in a name?