What does Huck & Dyno mean?

Urban Dictionary helps us out…


A term generally used in extreme sports referring to a large jump, often without knowledge or regard for the risk or consequences.


A rock climber’s slang term for “dynamic” – a powerful move which involves jumping from one hand hold to another (when the distance between the holds is too great to reach), losing all four points of contact in the process.
you essentially fly through the air for a split second before grabbing the next hold.

Both can be used as either nouns or verbs.

Who is Huck & Dyno?

James Bultitude

314506_10151011462397255_1636398703_nKayaker, sport and trad climber and aspiring alpine climber. I’ve been known to muck about on mountain bikes and boulder. I also snowboard crappily.

I’ve been making films for a while and ever since a desert 4wd trip at age 12 when a handy cam was inseparable from me for three weeks. I hope to collect my newest attempts and thoughts here.

Member of the UNSW Outdoors Club, Sydney Uni Canoe Club and American Alpine Club.


Sam May

Grumpy climber, hyperactive skier, cowardly canyoner, clumsy (and infamously injured) surfer, anorexic bushwalker, casual club boater, and now weekend warrior. Realized that writing is far easier (and lazier) than photography, movie making, or actually climbing hard, and tries not to overrun the blog with florid prose and unfinished draft posts.



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