Pole Dancer

In January of 2015, I set out with Micheal, Niels and Bjorn to climb one of the best, most magnificent routes i’ve ever climbed. A bivy the night before, 2 raps, 4 pitches grade 18(5.10a) trad pitches, 24 tim tams and a stack of simul-climbing got us into one of the best (and most sandbagged) … More Pole Dancer

Hack/Bodge of the Week: Fixing Ortlieb’s Crappy Pannier Mounts

The other day, Marijke got an Ortlieb Vario pannier for commuting. This fancy waterproof pannier converts into a backpack for easy carrying. Unfortunately, it uses Ortlieb’s QL3 mounting system, which turned out to be both fiddly and flimsy. Firstly, the mounting instructions are amazingly bad. As well as having no written instructions, a special prize … More Hack/Bodge of the Week: Fixing Ortlieb’s Crappy Pannier Mounts


Iwaenopuri is the peak in the Niseko range next to Annupuri, which is the famous one with the ski resort. It’s one of the first zones to look at for a backcountry skier in Niseko desperate to escape the slackcountry hordes. First Attempt I missed first lift at Niseko Hirafu on day…I lost track of … More Iwaenopuri

Now With More Huck

Today I’m creating the “MTB” tag for the blog. Holy flying spaghetti monster, it finally happened. It’s everything I feared. In hindsight, I love going downhill too much to have held out on mountain biking forever. If kayaking is like powder skiing – all float, bounce, and slow-motion commitment, then mountain biking is like piste … More Now With More Huck